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Radiation Protection

Emerging Challenges in the medical and industrial sectors

Learn how to ensure arrangements are in place to manage radiation risks, so that work is carried out safely and in compliance with Regulations.

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Radiation Protection Comprehensive Webinar:
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Webinar Top Speakers

Prof. Francesco d’Errico
Radiobiology, Radiotherapy & Biomedical Imaging scientist at Yale Cancer Center
Research Scientist in Radiology and Biomedical Imaging (Università di Pisa. INFN Pisa. Yale University)
Dr. Andrea Malizia
Board Director for CBRN Gate and CBRNe numerical simulations & data mining expert
Professor in Nuclear Measures and Instrumentations at the Department of Biomedicine & Prevention.
Dieter Rothbacher, MMMSc
Founder of CBRN Protection & board member of the CBRNe protection masters
Collaborator and Staff Memeber of the Directive Board of Master Courses in Protection against CBRNe Events in University Tor Vergata Rome
Prof. Guglielmo Manenti
Diagnostic and interventional radiology, molecular imaging scientist
Professor - diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Dr. Marco d'Arienzo
Senior Scientist in Metrology for Molecular Radiotherapy
Radiation Protection Expert at the National Institute of Ionizing Radiation Metrology
Ahmed Ibrahim, MMSc
Founder of CBRN Academy and Learning solutions provider for governments
Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies Communication University Lecturer
Prof. Abdul-Wali Ajlouni
Consultant, Nuclear Security & Radiation Safety
Founder of the Enhancement of Security & Safety of Dual-Use Materials (CBRN) Sc.R.P
Dr. Andrea Chierici
Innovator of electronic ionizing radiation detectors and equipment
Radioactive Measure System on drones development and electronic detectors.
Prof. Mohamed Bayoumi
Inaya Medical College Chairman of Radiologic sciences Department
Medical Radiation physics Clinical oncology and nuclear dept.
Aboubakr Mohamed, MMSc
Radiation Protection, HSE Instructor in Industrial Fields
Occupational HSE Industrial Hygiene, and Radiation Safety expert.
Anshul Handa, MMSc
Radiation Qualified Expert & Instructor at Hotzone Middle East Institute
Radiation qualified expert by Federal agency for Nuclear Regulatory FANR and RPO instructor with Hotzone Institute
Adolph Eid, MMSc
CBRNe Safety & Security Officer and Radioactive Source Security expert
Nuclear Security, Radioactive Security Management Radiation Detection Techniques Expert.
Prof. Susana Oliveira
Professor of Medical and Radiation Physics, Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil
Medical and Radiation Physics, Federal University of Sergipe, Brazil
Mike Lynch
The Executive Director of CBRN Academy Uk.
SME ensuring governments are prepared to respond and recover from critical events

Our Special Guest

Prof. Pasqualo Guduo
Innovator of electronic ionizing radiation detectors and equipment
Radioactive Measure System on drones development and electronic ionizing radiation detectors.

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Who Should Attend

In this comprehensive five days online course, we focus on learning about new solutions in regards to the challenges relating to radiation protection in various industrial settings using ionising radiation, i.e., nuclear gauges, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and dental X-ray.

Safety Managers

Radiation Operators

Medical Personnel

Medical & Industrial

Health & Safety Supervisors

Nuclear Protection

Why Should Attend

  • This webinar is designed to spread knowledge and gain experience in the field of radiation and nuclear protection.
  • Meet with radiation and nuclear specialists to explore emerging challenges in the medical and industrial sectors.
  • Analyze challenges in dealing with different situations & principles used to respond to radiation issues.
  • Attend sessions on measuring equipment, techniques, and dosimetry quantities and units.
  • See and experience the future of Using Drones to detect challenging Low levels of radioactive substances.
  • Help medical and industrial personnel to identify national and international regulations for radiation protection.
  • Build constructive dialogue and brainstorm on the issues that lay ahead.
  • The webinar provides an integrable path to facilitate networking and business opportunities of a highly refined visitor base with top-level professionals.
  • The webinar delivers an interactive forum for security students and leading academicians.

What Will You Learn

Scientific Aspects of Radiation Protection

minimal investment huge knowledge

Register for our five-day Radiation Protection course using Zoom. Our CBRN Academy Radiation Protection experts will deliver this course using virtual classroom multi-media presentations, discussions, case studies and equipment familiarisation. We will cover the regulations concerning radiation protection for personnel using or managing ionising radiation in fields of industry, i.e., Nuclear Gauges, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy and Dentistry (X-ray).



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